Embodying Presence in the Present

About seventeen years ago, I was driving into New York City from Connecticut.

It was a gorgeous Fall day as the trees had all turned their glorious reds and yellows that ran along the Hudson River.

I had been contemplating during my meditation, the day before, this Presence I had felt during meditation, as I drove. I had this sense of this larger than the energy that surrounded me with this protective feeling. It seemed to take over the whole car like a large bubble. I felt an incredible sense of peace and well-being - a bliss rise in me. I knew at that moment that I was treasured and loved by that energy that created me for I knew it was the Divine.

The other amazing feeling I experienced was that I was completely in the present moment. I remember every single slice of time, the nuances of the water in puddles on the freeway as I drove down Riverside Drive - the light that was hitting the glass of the building windows and reflecting back on me. I was alive and present.

Over time with this kind of experiences of oneness with the Divine universal spirit, one begins to embody that. A certain gravitas is added to your personal energy and other people feel that from you.

How does one continue this kind of peak experience and start to embody the Divine presence more? Well, one of the ways is practising Sanskrit Mantra.

A good Mantra for this is:


For the Development of Divine energies within you with Shiva

Try it for 40 days and let me know what you experience.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne

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