I had an amazing experience with Aly through our QHHT session! From the beginning of the session, I felt a strong connection of trust with Aly which helped me relax and open up mentally. Through the hypnosis, there was an energy of relaxation and comfort, leading to a great session of past life regression and receiving very useful information from my higher self. After my journey, a strong sense of protection and guidance acquired from my higher self came through and left my third eye buzzing for multiple days. This experience helped me understand some deep questions that have come up in my life thus far, I look forward to what the future holds and working with Aly on this journey!

Over the years I have experienced Aly’s masterful astrological readings and her unique insight. Recently I was able to receive a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy session. What a gift! Aly’s empathy and sincere intention to support healing create a safe space free of judgment, allowing a relaxed awareness. A very deep understanding of a relationship that shaped my life over 20 years ago surfaced and healed a wound I was carrying—probably for lifetimes. As I continued my inner journey with Aly’s non-invasive support and guidance, I was able to access information and communicate with two very close loved ones who had recently died. I was then elevated and had such a powerful personal healing experience. I am so very grateful and recommend this work to anyone who is ready to shift gears, get clear, heal, and love. Thank you, Aly!

Aly Dunne is most incredible! She is the clarion call and is an enormous help in bringing forth all elements into a soul retrieval process that digs deep to bring unification of fragments of the soul through understanding and discernment with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. Aly was warm, true, magnificent, and deeply understanding in her work with me. I felt very protected in the process.

I recently experienced the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Aly. Going into the session, I was a bit apprehensive, having never done any kind of hypnosis before. However, Aly immediately put me at ease, and the space was warm and inviting. For the first couple of hours,
we just talked. I told her about myself, my past, my wife, and my children… and she really listened. She asked all the right questions, and I felt heard and understood. Next, we moved into the QHHT proper. I felt totally safe and ready for the journey. The time passed quickly, but I am told it lasted two hours! I remember most of it, but it all felt like a dream. I shared some intimate memories and then communicated with my higher power. Or better said, my higher power communicated through me. It was as if I was a channel—just watching as the divine spoke about me in the third person. Much of what came through was quite profound. Some of it was known to me already, and some of it was entirely new. Honestly, it was quite strange and wonderful to experience something like this. I’m so glad I did it!
Afterward, I felt so light and clear. I took it easy the rest of the day and reflected on the experience. So much happened in such a short time, and I had so many great takeaways to work with. The best part is that the next day Aly sent me the recording of our session. I immediately reviewed it and took notes. To my surprise, there were many things I had forgotten. This recording is something I will revisit periodically—as a reminder of what I learned about myself, but also to revisit that feeling of being so connected, so one with all-that-is.
Thank you, Aly, for a wonderful journey within. You are a masterful guide, and I would recommend you highly and without reservation to anyone who really wants to dig in and do the work to grow and heal.
With gratitude, Joshua Stern, Ph.D.

I have tried several of Aly’s offerings now–Her Astrological Natal Chart and Year Ahead readings, an intuitive reading, and most recently, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. Every reading I’ve ever had with her has been truly informative, and supportive, and opened huge doors for me in my journey of self-healing. Aly always creates such a safe space for this tender work, and I always feel very deeply seen and held, which is so important for allowing the new information she provides to truly sink in. The QHHT Hypnosis, in particular, I was a bit nervous about beforehand because it felt so vulnerable, but as soon as I stepped into Aly’s healing room, I knew I would be totally safe and supported. I really value what Aly does, and I’m grateful for the insight she’s given me over the last few years.

I had a QHHT session with Aly a few weeks ago, which was very transformational. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really enjoyed going into the past lives and seeing what each life lesson was, which in the end were pearls of knowledge and wisdom. The next part of the session was talking to the subconscious mind which was surprisingly very easy and enjoyable. Aly did a phenomenal job at guiding me through all this and being very thorough in weaving the higher wisdom and knowledge that came through during the session. I highly recommend having at least one of these sessions done. They are very insightful and helpful in this current lifetime.

Aly is an amazing intuitive. Her ability to be open, transparent and so positive has been a blessing in my life. Although I have been seeing Aly for several years and have referred and gifted many friends a reading with her, I was afraid but also excited to go on this journey with my subconscious. There was nothing to worry about as I shared with my family because it was like seeing family and opening a door to a side of my spirituality that I did not know existed. Aly made me feel at ease and shared with me how the experience would work from start to finish and put my body and mind at ease. During the process, I was open and aware and although I heard my subconscious speak through my mouth, what I heard surprised me, but also did not surprise me. It was affirmation of some of my internal thoughts that assured me with confidence that my path forward is the right one. Thank you Aly for this wonderful gift of time, love, and insight. I have been changed in a positive way through this experience.

I’ve been fortunate to be working with Aly for a few years now, and I’m certainly blessed to have her on my path. With multiple challenges and painful trauma to overcome, Aly has shown me my own potential to heal myself, while giving me the assurance and comfort of higher sources at play. She is profoundly gifted, and so, with grace, humor, and compassion, she’s able to guide me toward peace and acceptance, making sure I always, always keep my eyes on the prize! Thank you, Aly.

Aly’s unique combination of QHHT training and her intuitive abilities made my session magically transformative! I am still sifting through all that I have discovered, and I imagine I will be for quite some time. Aly’s compassion, intuition, training, and warm, soft voice created a container that felt safe, loving, and very expansive. Her insight served her well on exactly what questions to ask so that I received what I needed to. I was given a broad vision of my life and information to heal ancestral patterns and understand why I set up the experiences of this life. I feel Aly is a spiritual midwife that is allowing me to emerge boldly into my
full soul’s expression. Magic happened in my session. It felt outside of time and space. She will introduce you to your soul and be a doorkeeper to a grand adventure if you allow. I recommend her with all my heart!

Aly Dunne is the most amazing and accurate spiritual and astrological advisor I have ever worked with! I have been working with Aly for about a year now, and I can not believe how much she has seen that has come true. Thanks to Aly, I have been able to be psychologically ready for issues and events that were predicted by her. Her advice and guidance through the pandemic has been priceless.

I came to Aly at the suggestion of a trusted friend, but since I don’t follow astrology closely myself, I didn’t know what to expect.  What I got from her reading was so much more than I could have hoped for.  Her reading, and importantly, the additional channeled information from her Divine guides which she provided along with that reading, fundamentally changed my outlook and perspective.  The result of that shift has meant greater confidence and ease in my decision-making.

I have experienced multiple blessings from this dear earth angel – some instant! One time, just a few weeks ago we did candle blessings for Health, Finance, New Home and Protection .. that week I made over 50% more commission! I just got the OK to move into our new house. And that’s just a couple of examples – she’s been able to tell me things no one else could possibly know. Don’t doubt the process. Aly is a blessing. Thank you, Aly, for all you do.

Aly is a beacon of light. Just being in her presence will illuminate you. Her knowledge of astrology, paired with her impeccable intuition, has been a gift to me. I was in awe of how detailed and accurate she was with the person I am through my natal chart reading. I have continued to work with Aly and she has taught me meditations and practices that will continue to enhance my life in between our sessions. I feel very grateful to have met her. She is an extraordinary human and I highly recommend working with her. Your life will be forever changed.

Aly has been an absolute gift in my life and the best counselor/advisor I’ve ever had. She is incredible in her ability to “know” what is happening with me and others – the big concerns, the motivations, and what is important. Aly provides clarity, telling me the truth and making sure I’m focused on the right things. I am not religious, but rather heavily scientific and a born skeptic, and yet I constantly am astounded at how Aly is tapped into insights that are beyond what I can understand or fathom. It’s like the universe can speak to her and endow her with the knowledge that no one else has. Her insight is so spot on, I can take what she says with great confidence and move forward. I had been to counselors before, but Aly provides a much more valuable level of guidance. I’ll always prefer one right answer over 10 guesses. When life is complicated, getting direct, clear, wise answers is the key. Aly has changed my life, made me happier and healthier, and set my spirit free.

Aly is very efficient and transparent, so I come out of our sessions filled with valuable guidance and concrete next steps. I would recommend having questions beforehand and courageously asking the questions you have been afraid to ask. The answers you get may set you free. Please contact me if you want to know more about why I’m so enthusiastic about Aly. I recommend her with all my heart. You won’t regret getting her help, especially if you are stuck. Tim Hallrud

I had an intuitive reading with Aly today and I have to say it was outstanding, Aly was on point with everything. Aly has given me a lot to digest but set me on a path I knew I should be taking and to be honest I can’t wait to start this new adventure to release the real me, which I have kept buried for a very long time. she was extremely thoughtful and sensitive in everything but sugarcoated nothing.
I can not recommend this beautiful spirit highly enough, I will definitely be having more readings with her in the future. Thank you Aly. 💕

I must have done something right to have the honor of meeting Aly. She is remarkable. Her energy and beauty are so powerful. The experience I have had with her was one that I will always remember. I had my first natal chart reading and with her and I was in awe of how well she described who I was, what my life was like, and where I was going in the world. She knew things about me that wouldn’t be possible for her to know unless she had a gift which she does. She is wildly intuitive and incredibly present in her communication with the messages she delivers. I found my soul become expansive after connecting with her that I then decided to continue to work with her.

I am a very open person and love all things intuition. Over my lifetime I have had several readings, but this one was the best one yet because it was my life interpreted through stars, it was/is my destiny. She is so incredibly passionate about what she does you can truly feel her energy wanting to help guide you to create the life and live the life you are destined to live. Whenever I have worked with someone in the metaphysical world feeling safe was so important to me and I truly felt protected and taken care of during our sessions. I feel so blessed to know her and have the opportunity to work with her.

Dear Aly,

I finally finished writing the notes from your Astrological Natal Chart reading, I listened to each words you said and translated them into Chinese, I will share the notes with some of my best friends.

I contemplated what you said, and I would like to let you know everything you said about me was true! Like I said it was my first to do astrology reading, and I was a bit nervous while I was listening to you, I didn’t say much or ask a lot of questions. Now I am calmer and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, and you can not imagine how amazed I was. I am completely stunned!
Thank you for helping me to understand myself more, and it’s the most important thing to me. I will remember your advice and try my best to make a change. I am sure I will bother you again in the near future 😝 May you have more brilliant and happier moments in life!

Aly completed natal charts for both my boyfriend and I plus a composite chart and we spent an hour and a half with her (that I wish was twice as long!). My boyfriend was sceptical going into it / had never done one before and now he wants to have them completed for his kids! Her knowledge is so extensive and our readings were so spot on. She addressed things that we both are working on and did so in an amazingly positive and insightful way! The messaging that she shared was so helpful, and we have already listened to the recording we took of the session and can’t wait to book something else! We highly recommend the experience to anyone that just wants to know a little more about themselves or their partner and relationship!

I have had nothing but great experiences with Aly! She was accurate and gave me the courage I needed to make things happen for me

Thank you so much Aly Dunne !!!❤️ Aly Dunne is so accurate at what she is doing and so wonderful to talk to! I have had private sessions with her before and she is the best

Aly Dunne is a LIGHT that shines so incredibly bright in our world!! She’s like a beacon on a dark night & through her & her example we can find that light of our own that resides in each & everyone of us….
I feel nothing but pure LOVE for this incredible woman & all she stands for♥️😇🙏🏻
Thank You Earth Angel

❤️❤️❤️always very accurate on my readings thank you for being with me on my journey and for all your patience 💞💞🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗100 % accuracy

I had a paid private reading with Aly about a situation I was dealing with in my life at that time about work. She told me I would have a new job within 6 months and that my current job is toxic for me. She was right and I will be starting my new job on Monday.

Aly Dunne is such a lovely soul. She offers assurance and guidance when needed along with teachings you can take on your own journey. Her contribution is priceless.

Thank you Aly for my reading! I feel like the meditating has really helped me make better decisions and think more clearly about life, and definitely feel less anxiety.

Thank you Aly for the session a few days ago. It was amazing. I recommend Aly heartily. She quickly cut to the essentials and gave me great advice. She was brilliant.

I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Aly for a long time but recently took the leap in reaching out to her for a Natal Chart consultation. She didn’t disappoint. She was so prepared, thorough and engaged- she somehow manages to perfectly marry the academic with the esoteric, making it easy for a layman like me to be re-energized by the clarity of how she interpreted my chart. Our reading shifted my energy and opened up the dusty blinds of perception, giving me a much-needed lift. She’s the real deal, committed, calm and led by a beautiful heart and a very sharp mind. I highly recommend her.

I must say thank you so much, Aly, for being the most amazing teacher ever! My association with Aly began last year. I was going through tremendous hurdles in my professional and personal life.
By the grace of this Universe, I chanced upon her website on Sanskrit Mantras and that chance encounter changed my life. I requested this magnificent lady to guide me through these turbulent times and very kindly she proceeded to give me guidance on a regular basis.
Practising her teachings simply created a shift in my life which is nothing less than marvellous. Through our online sessions, I have opened my consciousness to the magical and scientifically proven power of our thoughts. I am especially indebted to her for teaching me how to manage my thoughts and guide my mind towards abundance and wealth and achieve anything that really gives me happiness, good health and contentment. These are just a few of the priceless bits of knowledge that I received from her.
Aly Dunne is a unique woman who has a truly vast and an extremely deep and clear understanding of this Universe and our role in it. She combines the ancient knowledge with the practicality and scientific approach of our modern times. That is why her teachings are so highly effective.
After attending her sessions and practising her teachings I have seen significant shifts in my life, my energy levels, and my power to attract what I truly desire in my life. I have actually seen this happen! From getting an amazing job to balancing certain aspects of my life I have been able to channel my inner energy in the most efficient and effective manner.
Most importantly this has given me the power to understand my self and what truly gives me joy and the power to manifest that effectively.
Many thanks, Aly and I am truly grateful to the Universe for getting me in touch with you.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”Aly is a very gifted Astrologer. Her accuracy and insights astonished me and the clarity of how she communicates the information is so relatable. My reading was profound in every way and I am grateful to be able to work with someone so lovely and talented!”❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I had a private reading this morning with Aly and I felt that we clicked instantly. The reading was amazing and very spot on. I had been doubting myself and some decisions I’m in the process of making and she reassured me that these are the steps I’m supposed to be taking. I would highly recommend a reading with Aly.

Aly Dunne is amazing. I actually bought my boss and my medium friend readings for the holidays. She also taught me how to meditate. She is angelic and I love and recommend her! Love and light

You are truly gifted Aly, a warm and extremely insightful lady. I felt so empowered by my intuitive astrology with you. Your accuracy and insightful love and passion for your beautiful work is a gift. I’ll be recommending you to everyone and back to you forever when I need guidance. Lots of Love 💗🍀

I had a private reading and felt very comfortable asking what I needed and Aly was amazing and spot on with everything she said! I will definitely be getting more readings from her

I would like to thank you that I have been read by you. It was such amazing message from your guides. Looking forward to it. Thank you so for your time and energy. Love and light!

I had the honour of being one of Aly’s first clients and I have to say that my reading was one of the most empowering and clarifying experiences. It came at a time where I’m at a major crossroads in my life and it was so great to get such powerful affirmation that I am exactly where I need to be. I have had many astrology readings in my life, many of them from wonderful and some renowned astrologers and I have to say that my reading with Aly was up there among the very best. It’s so obvious when someone has been on their spiritual journey for a long time as they bring, as well as the scientific aspect of the reading, a level of insight and wisdom that goes beyond the purely scientific. I could tell that Aly was channelling higher wisdom and she even gave me some very profound messages and guidance she had received for me. She also did my Astro Cartography which is very helpful for me to give me some insights about the influences for me at various locations around the world – always helpful information for a nomad like myself, who may be seeking out a place to call home! I highly recommend treating yourself to reading with Aly – I will certainly be having more.

My experience having a reading with Aly surpassed anything I may have been expecting. Her insight and explanation of one’s chart is carefully and lovingly explained in a way that makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. She also helps with guidance toward decisions you will make moving forward in your life with her intuitive approach blended with the science of astrology. I also believe that she has strong spiritual guides pouring through her to assist in your life while having a reading….very special indeed! I feel very much at peace and prepared for what is coming into my world after my reading, and could not be more grateful. Don’t hesitate to book with Aly. It is a blessing!

Aly puts a tremendous amount of heart and thought into her spiritual guidance and teaching. She has a strong intuitive sense about individual, groups, process and ritual. She knows when to gently push the limits and when to honour boundaries. She is gifted and a true blessing to her students and the world.

Aly’s work is so supportive and enriching. She provides the tools and the practices to help deepen your own practice – with great wisdom, humility and humour!

I’ve had the good fortune to have had a number of sessions with Aly over the last few years and work with her one on one. Aly is practical, grounded and insightful – after working with her it becomes obvious that she is tuned into spirit and not at all dogmatic – I think anyone wanting to make spiritual growth a part of their life can benefit immensely from her guidance and inspiration.

Great insightful and positive reading with detailed & really helpful guidance for the future. Thank you!!!

I have just received the most amazing reading. Accurate and helpful with guidance and additional cards pulled. Really an amazing gift that should be shared with others. A natural – very very impressed. Would highly recommend.

Every few years I like to have an astrology reading. Coming up to my 60th birth year I was looking forward to having a reading with Aly. I was blown away. I was not only amazed at the amount of information but the insight and the uniqueness of the information. There were aspects in my chart that I had never heard before and certainly with the keen instinctual interpretation that Aly’s intuition and skill support her with. I actually want to have it done again simply so I can absorb more of the information and the tools that it provided me with to apply in my life today.

Aly Dunne is an amazing soul. Something about her is angelic. She is just an angel and I love her. I’m so thankful. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 I can’t tell you how on point she is.. she goes into your past, then future like she sees your life and it’s truly amazing to have been blessed with an angel like her 🤗💞💯❤️

I’m so drawn to Aly!!! Her reading was bang on. Thank you so much…I do have a firm foundation, and just found out my day job is ending so I can focus more on this business!!! A million thank yous!

Had the most amazing reading I’ve ever had. She knew the exact issue to our problem and helped make sure we stayed on the correct path to fix our problem. She’s the most lovely soul just amazing. Would recommend her to anyone❤️❤️❤️

She knew my heart was hurting before I could say anything but gave me a little hope to just hang on. Because of my reading I actually have something to hold on to.

Your reading felt so accurate and especially the part about me not expressing myself enough. I will definitely take your advice to heart. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful gift with me.I highly recommend you! 💕

The reading you gave me was spot on. I got goosebumps just reading it and had an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace.

I would like to thank you Aly Dunne for the reading this evening I could really feel a connection, everything you said was exactly what I needed to hear. you have a beautiful soul and you are truly brilliant thank you so much for being you!!

I’ve had two readings from Aly ❤️ Each were beautiful and so spot on. She does a great job reminding me to settle down and take things as they come. I highly recommend her readings. She addresses everything I’m unsure about.

Wow !Amazing !! I received the best reading and I feel so happy with what was said and it really really is so spot on! Thank you I am so grateful.

Then and now I get paid readings from Aly as I can trust her and resonate with her reading. Yesterday, I had a reading and things she said turned out right and I just wanted to thank her for time and blessings.

Aly did it again. She gives such amazing advice, that is honest and accurate. Meeting Aly Dunne has been very good for my soul and spiritual journey. I truly believe she is an asset on this journey I am on.

Aly did another reading for me yesterday, and it truly filled my soul with such hope. Every experience I have had with her has been a wonderful thing. I’m glad that our paths have crossed. I feel a meaningful connection with Aly that’s given me some light in this life. Thanks, Aly, for always providing me with useful, honest, and accurate readings! Love and light 🖤

I can’t begin to say what an amazing dream interpretation reading I had with Aly Dunne! Not only did she help me with the dreams but opened up something from my past that could have been causing a lot of issues in my life as an adult. So I can’t begin to express my gratitude for her helping me with this!

I had a reading with Aly and it was amazing. She was so loving, kind and full of energy. She answered questions for me and was very excited for me. I love it and looking forward to another reading in the near future 😊😊😊

I just had a reading with Aly and she helped me with my direction and what to expect in the future when it comes to love. Thank you, Aly, for your time and energy ❤

Just had a reading done and I am completely satisfied. I feel at peace and I will adjust what I need to asap. Thank you so much. I cannot wait to do another reading. 💞💞

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