Pluto is a very slow-moving asteroid. It sits far beyond Neptune in our solar system and takes 244 years to circumvent the Sun.

Pluto is all about power- the power underlying things. It is about control and the unacknowledged subconscious forces that drive us. Pluto speaks to life-and-death issues, transformation, obsession, survival, and hidden treasure.

Pluto is currently sitting in Capricorn, where it has been since 2008. It has been on the precipice of moving into Aquarius for quite a while. On March 25th, it will move into Aquarius for the first time in two and a half centuries.

Pluto in Capricorn has explored the top-down power paradigm over the last fifteen years. Now, with Pluto moving into Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, we will explorethe themes around the power coming back to the people. Also, continuing our exploration and transformation of the underbelly of human consciousness.

One of the issues that have already begun to be heavily discussed is AI and the Internet. The negative effects of some online media have already been brought to the attention of the government, citizens at large, and the internet companies that allow free speech. How this free expression on the internet may be being controlled may be one of the main themes over the next few years.

Who owns AI or controls its programming may also be a huge issue.

Running with that theme, we have jumped off the mountain top with AI – Artificial Intelligence. Where will that take us? With its rapid advancement, how will the jobs market look in ten years? How will this affect our culture, finances, health, and our experience of being human?

Aquarius is all about an egalitarian outlook – where all peoples are equal. With Pluto entering this sign, watch for signs of the dispersing of power.

Capricorn, the sign Pluto, is leaving on March 25th, is all about power to the leader, where the leader gathers power through the accumulation of assets and wealth for themselves and its hoped-for trickle-down effect.

Evidence of this is all around, as you can note, with the explosion of billionaires over the last ten years. But Aquarius is the opposite; it is concerned with altruism, fairness, and freedom for all. So instead of very wealthy centralized figures – the power may spread out to the average person. It will be interesting to discover how this expresses itself.

Also, there may be a theme around medical advancements in the areas of life and death, longevity, fertility, healing, hospice, and funeral rites.

There may be research into new forms of rejuvenation of our bodies, including cell generation and reproductive regeneration, new systems for dealing with human and animal waste, and new ways of incorporating AI for sexual gratification, where sex may take on an emotionally detached way of being expressed. Also, there may be a revolution within fertility – potentially creating human babies outside the womb. Gene editing will become a much more common occurrence.

Up to now, some of these advancements have been only available to the wealthy few; during the next twenty years, we may see a broad reach towards all people having access to them.

This is a revolutionary time for us. I wonder where Pluto in Aquarius lands in your natal chart. How will its transformative power in your life affect you?

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