About Aly D.M. Astrol, MAPAI

Aly is an Astrologer, Intuitive, QHHT Practitioner and
Spiritual Mentor who was born in Dublin,
Ireland. At the age of 33, Aly experienced
a profound inner transformation - a spiritual
awakening - which transformed her life
and her spiritual understanding.

Her continuing inward journey over the
last 24 years have been a deep process
of practice and introspection
which continues today.

A 44-year practitioner of Meditation and
Sanskrit Mantra, Aly is now answering the inner
call to be of service to help and guide
her clients as a practicing Astrologer, Hypnotist
and Intuitive during these
extraordinary times.

Aly has her Astrology Diploma, with merit,
a three-year rigorous training,
from The Mayo School of Astrology, London, England.

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