Astrology Consultations



1 1/2 Hour Natal Reading





1 1/2 Hour Year Ahead





1 1/2 Hour Follow Up





1 1/2 Hour Astro-Cartography

For 1 Person – $290

For a Couple – $450




3 Session package  1 1/2 hour sessions (10% off)





6 Session package 1 1/2 hour sessions. (15% off)





12 Session package – 1 1/2 hour sessions. (20% off)


Natal Birth Chart (All New Clients to do this first)

It’s a powerful moment when you decide to have your Natal chart interpreted by an Astrologer. During our private reading, you can understand the energies that have been playing throughout your life and understand your role in bringing your full potential into your life.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the placement and relationships between the heavenly bodies at the exact time of your birth. It is said that everything that can be in your life is encoded in the birth chart. What is above, so is below.

Whether you are feeling you need direction or you are at a crossroads – what we uncover in your private Natal Chart reading will help you find your path.

Follow up reading

Once you have understood your Natal reading, it is helpful to understand how the heavenly bodies affect your birth chart. This is Predictive Astrology, and through knowledge of the upcoming movements in the skies and how they correlate to your birth chart, you can be prepared for any challenging or delightful events.


Whether you are locating to a new location or looking for a dynamic energy center for your chart to travel to, Aly can guide you, through the placement of your planets at birth, to where is the best fit for you.

Astrology Packages

If you would like to buy in packages 3 sessions, 6, or 12 sessions at a discounted rate – please see the packages above.

Astrology package sessions are 1.5-hours long with unlimited email access.

All readings will be done on Zoom, in the comfort and privacy of your home