Saturn into Pisces

On March 7th, there will be a Full Moon in Virgo at the same time that Saturn ingresses into Pisces. Saturn will be unaspected at the time of the Full Moon, meaning it will not be 'talking' with any other planet or luminary.

Though the ruler of the Full Moon - Mercury, will sit in between Saturn and the Sun wanting to interact - Saturn will be stoic and quiet. It's almost like Saturn gets to rest, to feel itself alone after a busy six years in signs it rules - Capricorn and Aquarius - as it moves into the unchartered waters of Pisces.

Saturn is about responsibility, consolidation, structure, and authority. It is what stands the test of time - commitment with discipline.

Pisces is all things watery - imagination, intuition, emotion, and sensitivity.

Joining these two energies together and in light of the deeper acceptance across the planet of the spiritual realms of late, there may be new structures around faith. Giving structure and authority to the unseen. Manifesting containers for the un-holdable. Honoring and giving weight to those of us who can see beyond the veil.

Understanding how to manage and integrate the spiritual understandings that are becoming more commonplace among us

For those of you with their Saturn in Pisces, you will be experiencing your Saturn return sometime over the next two and a half years. Whether it be your first, second, or third Saturn return - it is always a monumental occurrence in someone's experience of their life.

The Saturn Return takes place at around 27-31, 56-60, and 84-90. They are milestones in life when we have either handled life lessons well and can reap the benefits, or if things haven't gone so well with taking responsibility, then we are schooled by experiencing what happens when we don't.

Saturn will be co-present with Neptune in Pisces, so will conjoin with Neptune in 2026.

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