Acceptance of what is.

Have you ever had a week where it feels like you are rolling a large boulder up a steep hill? Nothing is going right and things just feel like they are not clicking. There’s miscommunication and missed opportunities – it can feel like the world is falling all around you. What to do when life gets like that?

Acceptance – I feel is the key. Acceptance of what is.

One of the first things we can do, when things become unbearable, is to find a quiet place and really go inside. Connect with our breath and breathe.

Look at the situation clearly and assess – what is really going on here? What is the universe trying to show me through this conflict or problem?

After you’ve taken time to answer these questions – we then can move on to seeing if any of our perceptions is faulty. Are we seeing things through the wrong perception? Do we know that what we think are facts, are for certain? We can question our thinking (here you can use Bryon Katie’s work – her 4 questions – very helpful – see ‘Giving thanks for our blessings’- November 22nd 2011).

It helps to really take on the realization that everything is actually just where it’s supposed to be. Life presents us with the perfect opportunities we can use in our meditation and contemplation to grow.

Questioning our thoughts that we have about the difficulty and discerning what is reality and what is our ‘take’ on reality, takes ‘presence’ and the ability to use our discernment – this can really be the key to finding peace in difficult situations.

In accepting the reality of our life, we stop pretending, or hiding, or avoiding what’s going on. We cut through our denial and face life head-on. This is being a spiritual warrior. Not avoiding life, but waking up to what is and dealing with it on life’s terms.

Sanskrit Mantra is such an aid to waking up to your life. It gets us in touch with reality and with ‘presence’ in such a profound and yet easy way.

A great Mantra to build presence is:



So try these suggestions and let me know what you think next time you’re really in the thick of it.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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