Using Sankrit mantra in Meditation practice.

So far we have discussed how to use Sanskrit Mantras as spiritual disciplines by themselves. Today, I thought we could talk about using them in Meditation, doing two disciplines at the same time.

Sanskrit Mantra has been used in Meditation for millennia. It has a different feel though from normal recitations.

First, we sit ready for meditation. Let your mind relax and start to focus on your breath. As your nervous system relaxes and you feel the calm starting to descend, you can begin to introduce the mantra. You can see it in your mind’s eye, or hear it internally by repeating it mentally.

I have found it’s best in this technique to repeat the mantra slowly at first. You will start to understand the energy of the mantra more completely this way.

A good mantra to repeat to calm and still the mind is:


Om peace, peace Om

Explore with meditating on this mantra to start and then go through some of the other blogs here and find another that calls to you and practice that.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne



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