Transforming your financial karma

Today it seems you can’t open a newspaper or news web site without being inundated with the financial woes of the world. So many of us are concerned about our financial futures.

Whatever the world is going through in its financial Lila – play – of the day, once we have the understanding that everything in this world is karma, we can step back out of the fray and consider our options.

Sanskrit Mantra is the ancient practice of repeating the names of the Divine. In my twenty-six years of spiritual focus, I know it as one of the most powerful methods of reducing karma. The vibrations of this spiritually charged language transform our pranic body, raising our consciousness to a new frequency. Over time and with sustained effort, we are able to loosen the holds and change our karma.

While I was living out in rural New Mexico,  I was out walking the mesa. It was a beautiful warm spring evening around dusk, or Sandhya as it’s known in India – Sandhya, the time between the day and night, is the most powerful time to practice – dusk and dawn. I was working with a specific Lakshmi Mantra to change my relationship with money. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance:


Salutations to the all-pervading primal energy

I had been working with this mantra for a few weeks and as I was repeating over and over this beautiful mantra, counting each mantra with each bead of my mala, I was transported to this feeling of overwhelming gentleness and oneness with everything. The air was thick with love. There was no separation between me and everything I saw. I felt the ancient-ness of the Divine Feminine and I was humbled.

When one is brought into that type of awareness, especially if one is worried about life-sustaining matters like finances, a few things can happen. First, our worries fall away – we come away with a knowing that everything is perfect, even though it may not seem so in our everyday state.

Second, some of our attachment to this world eases, we realize we are involved in a much larger picture – we are an integral part of this oneness. And third, from this awareness, solutions come to hand we’d not considered before.

All of this from repeating four words.

Repeat them 108 times in the morning and night and watch what happens.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne

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