Time – Your Great Friend.

Time is one of the subjects that can get people crazy. It can seem, in this world, we don’t have enough of it…..or too much of it…. or it’s not treating us kindly.. or …or. As I said it gets people crazy.

But really time is our great friend. Especially in the world of spiritual development through Sanskrit Mantra and Meditation.

When I first started practising meditation I was in my early teens. I had no clue what I was doing particularly, but there was something so lovely about sitting still and focusing on the Divine. It became something I longed for.

The difference between how I meditated when I was thirteen and when I was twenty-three was remarkable. At twenty-three, I had built up stamina and could sit for longer. I had been fortunate enough to have some spiritual experiences and learnt how to practice with more heart and skill. I had read so many books and learned so many mantras by that time, I was in a much better space to go deep.

Fast forward to my thirties, and now I’m able to sit for as long as I feel is useful. I’m already teaching what I know. My daily practice has blossomed into a river that nourishes others. My spiritual experiences have now become very meaningful and I up my discipline with regards to my practices. In my forties, I take years to myself to really go deep and live as a monk, teaching and practising.

This is the power of time. Spiritual practices keep you on a good and powerful path in life, even through the tough times, and all the while you are building up your shakti, letting go of things that don’t serve you and moving closer to your true Self.

Have you ever studied the power of compound interest? It was Albert Einstein who said of Compound Interest that it was:

“The eighth wonder of the world”.

Well, Meditation and Mantra practise is like that. It compounds on itself and before you know it, you see you are changing and all changes you’ve gone through. You realize you are not the same as before. You have transformed and now can be useful.

A great mantra for attuning you to the cosmos is:


The primordial sound.

Say this mantra pronouncing A-U-M in a loud voice really enunciating the vowels.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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