The Universal Language of Sanskrit Mantra

I was was walking through the Olive groves today and I stopped to hear a bird sing. Its melody was so delightful, so melodious, I came immediately to such a still place inside myself.

There were no other sounds for me – just this little bird’s song. I realized at that moment, that a beautiful creature like this tiny bird sings his call and everyone understands it. There is no translation needed, no dictionary to look up nor neighbour to ask what is he singing about….. I could feel it in my heart. The sheer beauty of his delight.

This is exactly like Sanskrit Mantra.

You don't need to believe in Mantra, you don't need to even understand it. Once you take a Sanskrit Mantra and repeat it, after time, you just feel it in your heart. It's unmistakable and undeniable.

I came across this Mantra today, as I was looking for the perfect Mantra for someone who had just moved to a new area and wanted to save up some funds to buy her perfect land to build a house. It's a wonderful Mantra of Lakshmi's to gather wealth.


I suggest chanting 3 malas a day for the next 40 days and see the miracles that might happen!

After my work in the last few years in Real Estate, I have left it and I am now back working full time to spread the joy of inner transformation through Mantra and Meditation.

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Happy Chanting!

Aly M. Dunne

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