The Power of Sound Healing with Intention

The glory of working with sound as healing is that it is always available to you. You can literally start making a sound whenever you wish – whether outwardly, so all can hear, or inwardly – using the power of vibration and intention. Sound healing does not need to be audible. In my experience, sound healing or vibrational healing – is most powerful when constructed within your being and not audible.

Vibration, whether through audible sound or intention, is most effective when wanting to heal the mind or the Emotional Heart. Whether you undertake to heal the mind of worry or self-blame, unkind thoughts or a chronic judgemental stance in life – Sanskrit Mantras can be a powerful ally.

I have noticed within myself that, especially with my hardened calcified thoughts of blame and resentment, I have needed a powerful Mantra to not only calm my mind but also to breakthrough my natural resistance. So I have used a mantra with a weapon ending or a weapon seed within the mantra, like this one to Manjushri – the Bodhisattva of Wisdom and Knowledge.


Invokes Manjushri – Tibetan Bodhisattva of Golden Intellect (consort of Saraswati)

This is a lyrical and powerful mantra, with the weapon seed sound Phat! Chant it a mala or two a day, and see how your mind starts to relax and open, infused with new insights and higher understanding.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne


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