The Power of Sanskrit Mantra

I am always humbled by the power of Sanskrit Mantras in difficult situations. They have the power to turn any situation into a blessed one. After a challenging conversation with an ex this morning, my heart was hurt, my head was reeling and I felt at sea as to what to do.

After decades of practice, I have learned to turn to my practice of Mantra repetition when in distress, so thankfully my mind turned to their rescue.

Quickly, I jumped into my Meditation Box and began my practice. After a while, I felt the hurt and anger dissipate and my serenity returning. And my heartwarming and opening again.

Life has many turns, twists, mountains and valleys to it. It is an adventure into the unknown. But when you have the tools of Sanskrit Mantras in your hand, you can navigate them all with more courage, love and more peace.

A great Mantra for this kind of situation is a beautiful Mantra to Ganesha:

May Ganesha grant me the state and the powers inherent of perfection.

Chant this beautiful Mantra daily or when challenging moments occur. With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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