The Great Mani

There are some Mantras that are so powerful and useful that they far surpass their Mantra brother and sisters and are in a league of their own. The Great Mani is one such Mantra along with the Great Gayatri.

The seer of the Mani Mantra is Chenrezig.

Chenrezig, also known as Avalokiteshwara, was a great being who had already reached such an enlightened state that it was time for him to pass from this plane to the next. It is said that as he was approaching full and complete enlightenment. There was just one last wall to climb over. As he began his climb over the last final barrier, he heard below him, all of earth's creatures calling out to him...."Please do not go... we need you! please stay!"

His compassion rose in him like an overwhelming torrent and he realized that he wanted to stay and help all beings attain enlightenment and that it was his work to help with that. So, he made a vow - The Bodhisattva Vow - that many Buddhists take - vowing to stay and keep coming back until all beings have attained perfection.

His Mantra is:


The jewel of the mind has reached the heart's lotus

Chant it 108 times daily to expand your compassion.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne


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