Spiritual Mentorship

About Spiritual Mentorship with Aly Dunne


Are you in the middle of a Spiritual Awakening?

Do you need guidance along your spiritual path in managing your Kundalini Awakening?

Aly brings her experience of her 43-year Meditation practice to each of her Spiritual Mentorship sessions- so that you can benefit by avoiding common pitfalls and misunderstandings that often lead seekers on a merry-go-round that can last years. Aly is a Reverend with the Universal Life Church Monastery.

After learning how to manage your Spiritual Awakening or Awakening your Kundalini - people find that:

  • Things run smoother in their lives, even big changes.
  • They experience a deeper connection to all of life.
  • They start to laugh more.
  • They have a profound sense of well-being that lives within them.
  • Solutions to their problems seem to appear out of nowhere and come to them in often unexpected ways.
  • They feel a deep sense of awe, wonderment and reverence for all life.
  • They experience the deep interconnectedness between themselves and all beings.


Spiritual Mentorship

1 Hour




Spiritual Mentorship

1 1/2 Hours In-depth




Spiritual Mentorship

3 sessions of Spiritual Mentorship - A Season of Change - 1 1/2 hour sessions (5% off)




Spiritual Mentorship

6 sessions of Spiritual Mentorship - The Transformation - 1 1/2 hour sessions   (10% off)




Spiritual Mentorship

12 sessions of Spiritual Mentorship - Alchemy of your Life - 1 1/2 hour sessions (15% off)



All Spiritual Mentorship Packages are 1 1/2 hour sessions.

All Packages include unlimited Email Support for the time of the Package.