Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

What is my life’s purpose?

Am I on the right path?

Which decision is best at this time?

Why do I experience this health/relationship/financial/psychological/ etc. issue, and what can I do about it?

The feedback after a session is usually:


People notice they are more expansive, have more clarity, and feel like a load has been lifted off their shoulders. Get direct information from your own Higher Self about questions that have been in your mind all your life.


Testimonials for QHHT with Aly

Aly’s unique combination of QHHT training and her intuitive abilities made my session magically transformative! I am still sifting through all that I have discovered, and I imagine I will be for quite some time. Aly’s compassion, intuition, training, and warm, soft voice created a container that felt safe, loving, and very expansive. Her insight served her well on exactly what questions to ask so that I received what I needed to. I was given a broad vision of my life and information to heal ancestral patterns and understand why I set up the experiences of this life. I feel Aly is a spiritual midwife that is allowing me to emerge boldly into my full soul’s expression. Magic happened in my session. It felt outside of time and space. She will introduce you to your soul and be a doorkeeper to a grand adventure if you allow. I recommend her with all my heart!


Aly is an amazing intuitive. Her ability to be open, transparent and so positive has been a blessing in my life. Although I have been seeing Aly for several years and have referred and gifted many friends a reading with her, I was afraid but also excited to go on this journey with my subconscious. There was nothing to worry about as I shared with my family because it was like seeing family and opening a door to a side of my spirituality that I did not know existed. Aly made me feel at ease and shared with me how the experience would work from start to finish and put my body and mind at ease. During the process, I was open and aware and although I heard my subconscious speak through my mouth, what I heard surprised me, but also did not surprise me. It was an affirmation of some of my internal thoughts that assured me with confidence that my path forward is the right one. Thank you, Aly for this wonderful gift of time, love, and insight. I have been changed in a positive way through this experience.


I have tried several of Aly’s offerings now– Her Astrological Natal Chart and Year Ahead readings, an intuitive reading, and most recently, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session. Every reading I’ve ever had with her has been truly informative, supportive, and opened huge doors for me in my journey of self-healing. Aly always creates such a safe space for this tender work, and I always feel very deeply seen and held, which is so important for allowing the new information she provides to truly sink in. The QHHT Hypnosis in particular, I was a bit nervous about beforehand because it felt so vulnerable, but as soon as I stepped into Aly’s healing room, I knew I would be totally safe and supported. I really value what Aly does, and I’m grateful for the insight she’s given me over the last few years.

About QHHT

QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. The Somnambulistic state is ordinarily experienced two times a day: just before becoming awake and just before falling asleep. Most hypnotists do not work in the Somnambulistic level, either because they don’t have the ability to access this level of trance or they are wary of working in the most mysterious level of hypnosis, which can produce unexpected results, such as reliving a past life.

Dolores Cannon began her research of sacred knowledge and reincarnation nearly 50 years ago by fine-tuning her QHHT® method of hypnosis. By creating a safe and effective method that bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind and focuses on obtaining unlimited information in the Somnambulistic state, Dolores Cannon discovered time travel is possible at any time or place to relive anyone’s past lives.

QHHT® is a powerful tool to access that all-knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self, The Oversoul, and even the Soul itself. When we incarnate on Earth, we forget our previous lives and connection to our souls and The Source. QHHT® enables all people from any background, culture, religion, or belief system to engage with what she called The Subconscious since it resides beyond the conscious mind. Dolores’s term The Subconscious, which she later abbreviated to The SC, is that greater part of ourselves that is always connected to The Source, or God, and has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the physical body. Sometimes mental and physical ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives; sometimes, they are connected to lessons being learned in a person’s present life. The SC reveals the cause and will assist according to any soul’s particular lessons.