Protection of your Meditation Space

Our space in which we live and meditate is very important to our spiritual path. It’s our nest in many ways – the safe place where we can be honest with ourselves and just let go and go deep.

Sometimes though spaces have their own ‘Karma’ – whether it be good or bad – and when we find that is it is negative and affecting our meditations, it’s time to clean that energy out.

Sanskrit Mantra is very powerful for this kind of thing.

During one of my Mantra circles a few weeks ago, a woman asked for a Mantra to help her in her home. She mentioned that there seemed to be many ‘ghosts’ there and though she lived alone – she rarely felt alone.

I gave her this Mantra:


Protection of the meditator and the meditator’s space.

The following week she came to Mantra Group and shared with me that her home had totally changed from doing this Mantra. She no longer had those weird feelings when at home and felt now that her space was hers and hers alone.

How wonderful!

So if you are experiencing a lack of sparkling energy in your abode and you wish to drive out any outmoded negative thought forms or unwanted visitors, do this Mantra out loud in your space.

If the situation is bad – do as many malas as you can – 3-10 a day – chant them strong with intention – walking around the space as you chant and sending your voice and intention into every corner of the space.

Let me know what happens.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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