Opening the Heart through Compassion for Oneself

Compassion is one of the main teachings of Buddhism. Compassion for other beings and for oneself.

We can be so hard on ourselves which makes it difficult for our heart to open.

When we show ourselves compassion in the face of the startling clarity of self-introspection when we love all that stuff inside us that disappoints.

When we truly have the patience for our own shortcomings and subsequent bruised ego – only then can we really be there and have compassion for others. Only then can we really see that in others and love them deeply.

Compassion is an inside job and we first need to direct it to ourselves.

One of the most powerful Mantras for cultivating compassion is:


The Jewel is in the Lotus

Chant it 3 malas every morning and night and see for yourself if you are becoming kinder and more compassionate to yourself.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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