Meditation space

When we feel cluttered in our space where we meditate and do our Mantra practices, our peacefulness can suffer. Clearing out those items not needed, creating a setting that is both harmonious and beautiful will help to inspire you to keep to your practice goals. But how do we clear out some of that stuff we are having a hard time getting rid of or the stuck and sometimes negative energy that lingers around....well the use of mantra is a powerful tool in this instance.

Especially the Vajrasattva mantra:


To the highest and most pure Diamond energy - cut away all that impedes me

Here the weapon ending is in use - HUNG or HUM depending - and this ending dispels negative energies and cuts through obstacles holding us back.

So take a large bell, gong or bowl, or even a large frying pan into the space and start making a lot of noise to break up the energy. Then begin to clear out whatever is not needed or clutters the room. Clean everything - soft furnishings, flooring, and furniture. Dust and sparkle.

Then start placing items that bring you a sense of peacefulness in the space. Harmonious colours, soothing textures are wonderful to enhance the energy.

Find a focal point for the space and place maybe place a candle or flowers there.

You can repeat the mantra while you are clearing the room. Then start a 40-day mantra discipline to clear any energy that is not serving you from the room and from yourself.

In time, you will make that space your special place where you can feel safe and good. This will enable you to go deeper, as you'll want to do your practices more.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne


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