Kundalini Energy – Awakening the Great Mother

At the bottom of the Sushumna is a super power energy source in each one of us. Her name is Kundalini – and She is the feminine creative force within us. The great mother.

As everything that is outside of us is also inside of us – She first went by the name ‘Sri’ and was exclaimed as the great Goddess manifesting within us. It is by Her power that we are able to operate in this body of ours. Those moments of ecstasy in the rapture are Her pointing us to an ever more bountiful source.

Her long journey up the Sushumna to the Sahasrara may take many lifetimes and will need to awaken in each lifetime, but this is the crucial journey that all of us will or have made to enlightenment. Awakening is a delicate business and should never be forced.

The safest way to awakening Kundalini is through devotion – simple Bhakti.

So, how do you know if your Kundalini is awake? You will have no doubt about it. It is such a mighty presence in your life that seems to be the undertone for everything that you do, think or say.

Some people mention that they feel tremendous energy up or down their spine during an awakening. I think the most viable way to understand if She has really awakened is to see your life before this occurrence and after – and if there is a total difference in your experience of life…..if your life has totally changed – then this could be what has transpired.

My advice to anyone who is going through something like this – is to take it slow. Don’t try to speed things up. Let everything happen naturally. Be gentle with yourself. Lots of walks in Nature – lots of healthy nutritious food – practice some gentle yoga – rest. It’s an intense time so you really want to take care of yourself and your body.

You may find many extreme emotional states – and it’s best to know that they might come up for you – so in knowing that it helps to just ride them through and breathe. Also, helpful is to find someone who has been through it, to be a sounding board on how to manage it all.

Alternate Nostril breathing can really balance the energy out.

A good Mantra for something like this is:



Say it 108 times in the morning and at night.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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