Know that you are loved beyond measure

Sometimes, when I allow my life to become over busy and experience too many demands on my time and attention, I forget for a little that the Divine lives within me and that I am an expression of that. I can get caught up in the moment. Luckily, I have created a habit of practice. I am so grateful for this habit as it allows me to go deeply into the experience of my Divine’s love for me and my love for the Divine.

We are all a part of the Divine, however, you experience that. Sometimes, I feel like I’m going to burst because there is just so much love. We are that. We are that Love.

You are the most precious, most beautiful, most beloved. You are the Divine with skin on. You are an expression of the Divine with arms and legs, a voice and a mind. The more we surrender to the Divine Love within us, the more we become that Divine Love for others. The more we let go of those – oh so difficult to let go off resentments – the more we shine with the inner light of the Divine.

There is such power in having the habit of practising daily.

It is our prescription for freedom.

With the habit of practising daily – maybe even twice a day – you can truly overcome those demons that taunt you – in whatever form they appear.

If you don’t have a daily practice. Just start one. Today. Now.

Close the computer and set your phone for 10 minutes and just focus on your breath.

After a while of doing this – there will be a moment. I don’t know when it will come for you. But that moment will change everything. For me, my first ‘moment’ was just an opening – a feeling of expansion. I remember thinking to myself. What was that? I liked that.

Then after more practice -again I don’t know when- but you’ll start feeling a great warmth of love. A waterfall of blissful love will cascade through your being filling you to the brim.  Tears will role down your cheeks in gratitude and love.

And that is when life’s real romance will take off.


I am love.

Repeat it 3 malas in the morning and 3 malas at night. Take you 10 minutes.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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