July’s Cancer New Moon – Welcome the Healing

A gorgeous and powerful New Moon is upon us today. The New Moon is in Cancer - all about home and family. It births itself opposite Pluto. Pluto is the great transformationalist of our heavens. So you may find a reemerging of latent issues that come to the surface to be finally healed with regards to family, love matters and home.

This New Moon also squares Chiron, the deep healer. Further supporting this potential healing. So, don't be afraid to go with and delve into whatever arises for you during this New Moon. You are supported and held mightily by the universe to face and resolve your wounds.

Venus, the planet of love and wealth and Mars - dynamism - are conjoined in the sky at this Full Moon which portends passion, and with Neptune trining the New Moon as well - there is an opening for romance.

This can also be felt on a deeper soul level as well. There is an opportunity to transform any resentments, old anger, pain, disappointment and hurt into a new sense of self—a new meeting of your own mind and heart. Don't let this opportunity to discard any baggage you no longer need or have use for. It's the perfect time to do it.

You may do a small candle/fire ceremony around it. Letting go. The New Moon is a potent time to reimagine your life and your daily experiences. And fire is a powerful messenger to the Multiverse. After discarding these unwanted thoughts, habits or emotions, you may wish to, in their place, plant seeds of love, kindness, compassion and resilience for your own heart and others.

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