Falling in love with your Self

The spiritual path is really all about falling in love with your self.  Though that sounds like a pun on words, it’s a very deep understanding to entertain.

Many people feel that spirituality is something they have to reach for. Something outside of themselves. This is a mistaken way of looking at things.

Connecting with the Divine, which at the core of it, is the real you – is more about discarding beliefs, false identifications and patterns than attaining something. One could say it’s about accepting who you are and loving your own humanity.

I had a teacher once say that the most difficult hurdle for people to get over on the spiritual journey was their own self-hatred. I found that a kinda bold statement when I first heard it, but through the years of working with students and on my own journey – I have found that it is true.

There is something in the human mind which thinks that there is something intrinsically wrong with us, or less than, or not worthy.

It’s this we have to unearth and directly confront.

How do we truly fall in love with ourselves?

We first get to know ourselves. That takes time and effort. Sitting in meditation, self introspection, asking yourself the hard questions, being honest with your self in your answers, dealing with our addictions, using Sanskrit Mantra to cleanse away what is limiting… then in time we start to connect more with the Divine within us.

This is when we can start to cultivate that holy relationship and fall in love deeper with the Divine within us.

Then as the years pass, you feel the Divine ever present with you, your own true Beloved – your everything – dancing with you – ecstatic in your whole being. Then one day, I hear, you become that. So all that time – you were really just falling in love with your own Self.

A Mantra to help you foster this great love and commitment to yourself is:


Breath in Ham and exhale Sa

Do this for 20 minutes every morning and night for 40 days and see how much more in love with your own Self you feel.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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