December – A New ‘Beingness’!

We face the final of three exact Pluto returns to the July 4th,1776, USA natal chart on December 28th, 2022. It has been an extraordinary and challenging year – 2022 – with many upheavals – the war in Ukraine, antisemitism, and racism sitting center stage, a continuing health crisis, and the volatile money markets with inflation spearheading a downturn in financial worlds around the planet.

Not all of this is solely due to the energies of the USA’s Pluto return. Still, the USA, as the world’s financial leader, and with its Pluto sitting in the second house of finances and what the USA values, what happens to the USA ripples out and affects the whole world.

The Pluto return will have a few more years of influence as Pluto moves quite slowly, taking two hundred and forty-eight years to go around the zodiac. Its effects could have been felt as early as 2015 and may be felt until 2024/2025, when Pluto moves into Aquarius for good on November 19th, 2024.

Looking at Great Britain’s Pluto returns (they have had three since 1066 – this is the USA’s first) when using the coronation of William the Conqueror on December 25th, 1066, as the British chart. The time of the actual Pluto return is a challenging period. Its issues surrounding finances, food, health, and social unrest feel unprecedented. Famines, Political unrest, and seeing the underbelly of the country’s society are the main themes.

But once through the worst and most concentrated part of the return, remarkable periods of regeneration, abundance, and stability can occur. I am going back to Britain’s second Pluto return 1555-1563, which finally led to Queen Elizabeth the First being enthroned in 1558. After Queen Elizabeth was crowned and found her strength, the Golden Age began a complete rebirth of the British empire.

Last week, when Mauna Lua Volcano erupted on the Big Island in Hawaii, I was reminded of how Plutonic volcanos are. Coming up from deep in the earth, the red-hot lava explodes, scorching devastation. It spews toxic gases which spread all over the world in some cases. It is not dissimilar to what we are experiencing with the rise in autocracy talk and minds bent on retching hate.

But in the end, volcanos create new land masses. And after it stops erupting, a new way of living is forged for those affected.

Though this is a time of turbulence, a new dawn is coming for us all. A golden age of innovation, an exploration into the power of the human being’s spirit, art, design, and medical breakthroughs unseen before.

I am here to encourage you as we move through this birthing time. Giving birth is messy and painful, but what a glorious result is had – a new being.

A New ‘Beingness.’

Vision your new ‘Beingness’:

What can you envision for your life going forward after this time of reset?

And how can you take hold of the tremendous energy in the world today and harness it for yourself and humanity?

With love,

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