Daily Practice – The Unstoppable Power

I remember the first time I stood in awe looking at the majesty of the Grand Canyon. I was mesmerized by its beauty, the rich red rock and the stillness in the air. I marvelled at the steep stone walls and saw way down below the Colorado River as it snaked its way through its cliffs.

As I was standing there on the rim admiring this extraordinary masterpiece of nature, I overheard a father telling his son that the canyon was created by the river. It’s unceasing action of flowing, slowly over time had eroded the rock. Day by day, the movement of the water over the rock through time created what we see today. The boy was stunned that the little river all the way down there had eroded these huge cliffs. That water, that’s so soft and malleable, could affect something so hard and seemingly indestructible.

Sanskrit Mantra is water to our Samskaras or Kleshas. It is through the small effort made each day over time that creates the miracles that I see in people who have a steady practice.

Our tendencies and mental patterns are like rock. Hard and stubborn. Often they feel unmovable like heavyweights around our necks and shoulders, baring us down. But when we take the time in our day to gently come back to our mala and our meditation mat and sit, things over time loosen their hold. Over time, we become free.

A powerful freedom Mantra is:



So give this Mantra a try. Just sit quietly in your space and repeat it. Gently sounding out the words and feel their soothing vibration enter your every cell.

A small personal note, I have changed my name back to my maiden name – so that is why you’ll see the name Aly Dunne now at the end of posts.

With Love,

Aly M. Dunne

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