Breaking through Spiritual Road Blocks

For anyone who has been meditating awhile and has been tempted to give up the practice or if you are someone who has wanted to begin a meditation practice and hasn’t, there comes a point when you realize that there is some kind of energetic block that seems to be stopping you in your tracks.

It may appear as a desire to not keep up your meditation practice. It may come as a dry spell in a normally rich inner life or you may feel like the meditation practice you’d like to begin is like elusive gossamer in your hands. Something is holding you back.

This is what is known as a spiritual or energetic blockage. Whatever form this blockage comes in does not diminish its a bewildering effect.

How do we get past such an impasse? How do we keep our resolve and reap the benefits of long term meditation? Well luckily, we have Sanskrit Mantra to turn to and in particular a Mantra of Ganesha.

The Divine aspect called Ganesha is that energy of the Divine that is the remover of obstacles through the principle of unity. Ganesha is always the first one propitiated in a ceremony in the Hindu tradition, as he removes all the obstacles to whatever ceremony is being performed.

Ganesha, if we break down the word means -Gana in Sanskrit can either mean – group or it can also mean power. Esha means King or Lord. Ganesha can mean either King of Power or Lord of Unity. So there is an idea here that combines Power with Unity – the bringing of consciousness together and having dominion over it.

As we approach meditation and become aware of these energy blockages, we can call on Ganesha to help us remove them by chanting:


Salutations to Ganesha as dis-solver of energy blockages

While practising this Mantra 108 times in the morning and 108 times in the evening, you can visualize Ganesha breaking through and removing whatever known or unknown obstacles are in your way.

Ganesha is the epitome of compassion and will help you to dissolve the obstacles that keep you from enjoying a rich and profound meditation practice.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne

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