A Peaceful Mind and addictions

Oftentimes, we are saddled in this life with a challenging problem like an eating issue that makes us too big or too thin for us, or a smoking habit that we just can’t shake. And while the medical community does their best to help, we become acutely aware that it is our minds that are the problem.

Once we have figured that it is our minds that need to transform – that our thinking needs to be cleaned up and that our choices all stem from that place within us, where do we turn for help?

Well, meditation is a good place to go – it will help us build a discipline muscle and once we get to really meditating – that golden deep liquid silence – we are surely nourished in all ways. But what if we can’t meditate – we sit down and do all the things we are supposed to but nothing happens. This is where Mantra can really help us.

The energetic cleansing that Mantra gives the mind actually transforms it into a totally different brain while chanting. And during these chanting sessions, we are re-wiring our mind for peace and happiness. We are re-wiring it to not need outside substances to shift our mood and feelings. Our thoughts become more peaceful and our bodies more vibrant.

For those with eating issues a great mantra is:


Om and salutations to Her who embodies beauty and elegance

For those with substance issues a great Mantra is:


Mantra for Saturn: an antidote to drug intoxication and invoking a route to cleanout.

Say these 108 times in the morning using  a Mala and 108 times at night

If you are really battling a difficult situation, email me.

With love,

Aly M. Dunne

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