3 Sanskrit Mantras for Abundance

These last few years have been a true challenge financially for many. We have seen our financial systems waver on the brink of devastation. Even today, we are witnesses to the European financial struggle which is hurting so many lives in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

But how is it that during these tumultuous times there seems to be many who continue on with their lives in great abundance. That there are many who will become richer during these leaner times. It’s Karma. Plain and simple.

I’m not talking about the people who make money out of the misfortune of others – or many of the crooked ones who created this mess in the first place – I’m talking about those of us who are dharmic in their way of making money – just to be clear.

Each of us comes into this world existence with their karma to work on in this particular life. It’s called Prarabdha Karma. The Karma we choose, out of the sum of all our Karma, to work on in this lifetime.

For those of us with the type of Karma that affects us financially – we have the great fortune to be able to shift it and transform it with Sanskrit Mantra.

For some of us, we will only need to a 40-day discipline of Lakshmi, to change it – for others, it could be many months of continued and dedicated chanting. But what of it, the fact that we can transform our financial karma is a great thing. All we need to do – is do it.

Here are 3 Lakshmi mantras that will manifest abundance for you. No-one can tell you – that I know – how much karma you have that needs to be worked on, but if the first time you don’t succeed – try, try again. You will finally succeed. Lakshmi is the essence of Compassion.

Salutations to Divine Mother who is the bestower of Great prosperity with the help of Ganesha.


Salutations to Divine Mother who is the Original Lakshmi


Salutations to Divine Mother who is the embodiment of all Prosperity.

Do these every 108 times in the morning and 108 times in the evening.

If you wish you can do a 40-day discipline. Know that you can’t miss a day. If you do, you need to start all over again at day 1. Then give it a rest after the 40 days are over.

Then, if you feel you need to to do another – then do another 40 days. Most people see some improvement with just 40 days – which in the scheme of things is not much time at all. If you find you really like doing this discipline and are enjoying it, knowing it is helping you – you can double or triple the amount you are saying in a day.

If you find you are getting testy or irritated more than usual – just back off a bit – don’t stop – sometimes we are moving so much junk out of our energetic bodies that it gets a bit too much – so we are just gentle with ourselves and take time to take it a bit more slowly.

I wish you Great Abundance in all its forms:  Oneness with the Divine, Health, Wealth, Friends and Happiness

With love,

Aly M. Dunne

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