2022 is a year of Enlightenment. A year when we are supported astrologically to throw off any unhealthy dependence on others, any victim consciousness we may have lurking about, finally, clean out the cobwebs of our past and claim our spiritual birthright - to Awaken to the fullness of life as it is, not the way our conditioning supposes it to be. It's our choice.

Though the Astrology of 2022 has the potential to be rocky, dynamic, and confronting with many ups and downs - there will be many beautiful, joyous breakthroughs throughout the year.

Here is the overview of the first six months of 2022; I will do the latter half of 2022 in a subsequent issue.

The first good news is Jupiter has left Aquarius and moved into Pisces - which it rules - for the following five months. Hallelujah!

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good fortune and feels good in Pisces. It has moved on from Saturn - which is still in Aquarius - so there will be a lessening of the angst, I think, for all of us.

The Saturn / Uranus square of 2021 continues in 2022, culminating in October's last near-exact square. This square has resonated with the significant disparity between the old failing structures of our society and the new movement towards freedom, social equality, and personal responsibility. And with the North Node entering in Taurus this year strengthening Uranus - this rebellious energy will gain more traction.

There are many ways to experience 2022 taking personal responsibility for your energy and making your own life filled with joy and happiness. It's a beautiful opportunity to shape your own world. Be evermore present. How do you wish to operate in your daily life? What do you want to feel in your everyday experience? There is a door to open and walk through this year - you are supported to free yourself.

Of course, you have probably heard of the USA's Pluto return this year. There will be three exact returns as Pluto goes over, then retrogrades, and then goes over again the USA's Natal Pluto. The first will be on February 20, 2022 - which I will detail in the next issue. Suffice it to say, it is a giant leap forward - and a messy one - as we already see - again, bringing with it, though, unique opportunities to ride and benefit from the powerful transformation that the US is undergoing.

With the North Node moving into Taurus, which energizes Uranus - and the South Node moving into Scorpio, the eclipses will be around money, shelter, the land, resources, food, debt, credit, your partner's finances, life /death/sexual issues. There may be more earthquakes; innovations with food products and production; reforms, and maybe startling changes to the financial sectors - banking, markets, alternative forms of currency; sexual scandals revealed; innovations with how we take care of bodies after death; unusual discoveries of new plants and animals of the Earth; new understandings about the Earth's frequencies and presence.

Jupiter in Pisces will be co-present with Neptune - which in its highest resonance is the most transcendent spiritual vibration - will make for a very fertile time for spiritual endeavors. So, this is the time to start or deepen that meditation practice you've been promising to do!

Seriously, the time is NOW.

I think there will be a movement towards healing through expressing pent-up grief or sadness with what the world has gone through in the last two to three years with the Pandemic and political discord. This conjunction between Neptune and Jupiter on April 12 at 6:22 a.m. PST will bring so much to the surface.

We may also see truth and justice coming forth (Jupiter) - and a crescendo of the lies and deceits (lower vibration of Neptune) - even self-deception on a personal level - being brought to the surface and seen for what they are in the first 4 or 5 months of the year with this conjunction. Governments worldwide may be forced to transform by the call of the people rising because of a lack of tolerance for deceit, fraud, embezzlement, and lies. Justice will hopefully prevail.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces has not happened since March 18, 1856 - so it is a rare occurrence.

Because Jupiter is in Pisces - a water sign- and Neptune is very watery already - there may be flooding this Spring - issues with waterways, oceans, lakes, and rivers swelling. Jupiter expands all it touches.

For the first few months of 2022, Venus is still retrograde, along with Mercury moving retrograde on January 14. With Mercury's shadow period ending February 24 and Venus's ending March 1, we may be doing a lot of revisions. We may find ourselves going over meaningful relationships past and present.

Also, our communications will be under the spotlight and all financial matters, including paying our taxes. Now especially, is the time to be scrupulously forthright and diligent in that regard.

As Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries by May, there will be a shift. Venus will already be direct and out of her shadow, and after the second Mercury retrograde comes out of its shadow on June 18 - things are finally really moving forward!

So it is a time of collecting energy, applying what we've learned, and moving forward through spiritual means rather than willpower - through alignment rather than influence. The universe brings to you the vibration you cultivate - so these next three-five months are crucial if you haven't been working on yourself to now do so.

If you need help sorting that out - I'm here.

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